Who is Alternate Ending Studios?


Founded in 2007, Alternate Ending Studios, LLC (AES) is a group of writers, filmmakers, and creative individuals who have banded together to pool their creative talents and energies. The primary focus, and passion, of the company is simply to make movies. As part of this passion, the company is naturally involved with the creation, or acquisition of screenplays, manuscripts, and ideas that can be developed and sold to the movie industry or used internally in the full production of movies which are then marketed and sold for distribution.

AES has developed the full gamut of films from television commercials and shorts to full-length films shot in High Definition (HD) video as well as on 35mm & 16mm film. Although headqurted in New Jersey, our film crews have shot on location all around the world from Europe to Cambodia, Oregon to Louisiana.

From full-length features to commercials all production is done using some of the industries most highly rated HD cameras including the RED, Sony HVR-V1U camera with1080p HD resolution. The video is shot on Sony Professional HDV tape.

We employ Porta-Jib camera cranes, jibs, and dollies along with their specialized Losmandy FlexTrak and Mitchell fluid heads for enhanced camera moves and tracking ability.

Our lighting department has moved to the forefront of technology with new Litepanel LED production lights. Rated at 500 watts per lamp, Litepanel’s LEDs deliver a clean light without the inherent heat and danger of the old HMI and arc lighting equipment. They also allow for much more flexibility with filters and dimming capabilities to ensure that maximum effect is achieved from each scene.

Our Audio Department delivers a crisp and powerful HD sound by recording at a rate of 192 kilohertz (highest industry rating). On site audio is recorded using a collection of wireless and Sennheiser 416 shotgun condenser microphones fed into a 20-channel Motu Traveller audio mixer connected to MacPro laptop computers. Even our 20 foot boom poles are made of high-quality carbon fiber with K-Tek wind protection to reduce noise and interference to capture the highest possible audio performance.